Work Place Safety and Health Risk Consultants
In-house training
We provide in-house training for RISK Management, to meet MOM regulations related to WORK PLACE SAFETY and HEALTH ACT.
Work Place Safety and Health Risk Assessment
We conduct RISK Assessments to meet MOM regulations.
SMC (Safety Management Certification for Small Construction companies)
We can help you to implement SMC to meet BCA requirements and get certified.
We can help you in:

registration / renewal,

Singapore BCA Contractor grades C1 C2 B1 B2 A1 A2. Upgrade to BCA grades C1 C2 B1 B2 A2 A1

Singapore Structural Steel society registration
SMS Audits
(Safety Management System Audits)
Work Place Safety Personnel
Full Time & Part Time Safety
Officer, Safety Co-ordinators,
Safety Supervisors.
Environmental Control Officers
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